Red Carpets to Backyards: Birkenstocks’ Surprising Rise Among Stars

birkenstocks surprising rise among stars

Written by Ava Max | April 30, 2024

After being considered modest and “ugly” shoes, Birkenstocks have become a celebrity and fashion icon favorite. Many celebs use Birkenstocks for comfort and elegance, from running errands to walking the red carpet. Here are the surprise celebs who love Birkenstocks and how they’ve helped the brand’s revival.

The Birkenstock Beginnings

Birkenstocks have gone a long way from their little German town roots. Hippies and free-spirited people loved the brand’s comfy, orthopedic style in the 1960s and 1970s. Birkenstocks didn’t lose their “granola” reputation and gain popularity until the early 2000s.

Celebrity Endorsements: Surprise to Sensation

Kate Moss was one of Birkenstock’s first and most famous endorsers. The supermodel’s early 2000s Arizona sandals caused a sensation and challenged fashion norms. Moss’s casual style and relationship with Birkenstocks popularized the sandals, garnering new devotees.

Since then, several celebrities have worn Birkenstocks, demonstrating its adaptability and popularity across styles and personalities:

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner pair Birkenstocks with casual ensembles, demonstrating the balance between comfort and elegance.

Tracy Ellis Ross, an actress and comedian, is noted for her unconventional wardrobe choices, including her fondness of Birkenstocks. Her sandals go with vibrant and eccentric ensembles.

Paris Jackson, like her famous father, has a boho-chic style and often wears Birkenstocks, conveying the brand’s free-spirited origins.

With her easy cool style, Kate Bosworth incorporates Birkenstocks into her collection, bringing casual elegance to her appearances.

Chrissy Teigen, known for her lively and accessible demeanor, has been pictured wearing Birkenstocks both at home and out.

Amy Walsh, a British actress and model, is a Birkenstock fanatic who posts her collection on social media and styles them with various clothes.

Julianne Moore, a fashion icon and award-winning actress, has shown that comfort and refinement can coexist in Birkenstocks.

Bethenny Frankel, a reality TV personality and businesswoman, regularly wears Birkenstocks, demonstrating her practical and straightforward design style.

Zachary Quinto (shown) breaks gender conventions by wearing Birkenstocks, proving the shoes are not exclusively for women.

Marion Cotillard: The French actress and activist promotes sustainable fashion, and Birkenstocks complement her eco-friendly principles.

Birkenstock Appeal: Comfort and Style

What attracts celebs and fashionistas to Birkenstocks? First, comfort rules. Foot support and comfort are hallmarks of Birkenstocks’ orthopedic design. Celebrities, like everyone else, want comfortable shoes, particularly because they’re always moving.

Second, Birkenstocks combine elegance and functionality. Their basic design and earthy tones match anything from jeans and a t-shirt to formal wear. Without compromising comfort or style, celebrities may go from red carpet to backyard barbecues.

Birkenstocks also represent originality and self-expression. Celebrities may personalize their Birkenstocks with a range of designs, colors, and customisation options.

Celebrity Endorsements and Birkenstock’s Rebirth

Birkenstocks’ revival and popularity are due to their celebrity affiliation. Celebrity endorsements influence consumer purchases as social evidence. Fans are inspired to try Birkenstocks when their favorite celebrities wear them.

Additionally, celebrities help make Birkenstocks a fashion staple. Their style, versatility, and glamour reveal that Birkenstocks are more than useful. This perceived change has drawn new customers who may have neglected the brand.

Birkenstocks on International Red Carpets

Celebrities worldwide wear Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks have unexpectedly appeared on worldwide red carpets from Hollywood to Paris Fashion Week:

Sienna Miller, a British actress and fashion icon, has worn Birkenstocks with her bohemian-chic look on and off the red carpet.

Katy Perry, known for her own style, defied tradition by wearing Birkenstocks with a gown at the Met Gala.

Heidi Klum, a German model and TV personality, often wears Birkenstocks in her casual and vacation attire.

Jessica Alba, a busy parent, has been seen wearing Birkenstocks while doing errands or traveling, demonstrating the comfort and style of functional footwear.

Vanessa Hudgens, associated with boho-inspired style, typically wears Birkenstocks, representing her laid-back California lifestyle.

Kristen Bell, an actress and comedian, wears Birkenstocks for both red-carpet events and daily mom life.

Future Birkenstocks in Celebrity Fashion

As celebrities and fashion influencers embrace Birkenstocks, the brand continues to grow. Future expectations:

Expanded Collaborations and Limited Editions: Birkenstock partners with top fashion companies like Valentino and Rick Owens. More exclusive partnerships and limited-edition releases will boost the brand’s stylish credentials.

Growing popularity drives Birkenstocks to expand globally, gaining fans and celebrities in new areas who appreciate the brand’s comfort and flair.

Birkenstock may offer new designs, colors, and materials to meet the changing tastes of celebrities and fashion-conscious customers, while maintaining its famous styles.

Sustainability Initiatives: Birkenstocks may attract environmentally sensitive customers and celebrities by emphasizing their dedication to sustainability and ethical activities.

Conclusion: Birkenstocks’ Celebrity Legacy

Birkenstocks have become iconic in celebrity culture, from surprise red-carpet appearances to backyard barbecues. Once considered “ugly” shoes, they are now a fashion classic worn by many celebrities. Celebrities have helped Birkenstocks overcome preconceptions and gain new admirers.

Celebrities and fashionistas will continue to use Birkenstocks as the brand grows. Birkenstocks’ comfort, elegance, and link with uniqueness and self-expression will keep them popular for years to come. When you see a celebrity wear Birkenstocks, realize that it’s a symbol of a cultural phenomena that transcends societal standards and unifies individuals from different backgrounds.


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