From London Streets to Stealing the Show – Damson Idris’s Awesome Story

Damson Idris

Written by Amelia Ball | July 3, 2024

Damson Idris is cool, way cooler than the characters he plays. Sure, his acting in shows like “Snowfall” is super impressive, but there’s something more. Maybe it’s the confidence he brings, the kind you get from growing up in Peckham, South London. Unlike some Hollywood stories, Damson’s rise to fame isn’t made up. It’s about pure talent meeting hard work, the kind where you chase your dreams with everything you’ve got.

Acting wasn’t some childhood dream. It wasn’t about being a movie star. It was a spark that lit up at a school play when he was 14. He wasn’t even the main character, but it was enough to make him want to act more.

This love for acting led him to Brunel University London’s drama program. There, he practiced really hard, getting better and better, all to build a future that would be way more amazing than anything he could imagine.

Rejections and Early Roles

But let’s be honest, becoming a famous actor is tough. It’s not like walking down a red carpet. Damson, like many other actors who want to make it big, had to go through tonnes of auditions. He got rejected a bunch of times, which can be super discouraging. But Damson Idris didn’t give up.

He kept chasing those acting jobs, never letting the rejections stop him. Even though his early roles in shows like “Miranda” and “The Bill” weren’t huge hits, they were important steps. They gave him experience and helped him build a resume that people would notice.

Landing Franklin Saint in “Snowfall”

Then, in 2017, things changed. FX was making a new show called “Snowfall.” It was a dark story about how crack cocaine became a big problem in Los Angeles during the 1980s. Hundreds of actors wanted to play Franklin Saint, a young man who gets caught up in the drug trade.

But Damson Idris brought something special. He didn’t just read the script; he became Franklin. He understood Franklin’s dreams, his fears, and all the reasons why he ended up in this dangerous situation. The people making the show saw how real Damson’s acting was, and in 2017, he landed the role that would make him a star.

From “Snowfall” to Sci-Fi – Showcasing Versatility

“Snowfall” wasn’t just a good show; it was a huge hit. More and more people watched it every season, and the critics loved it too. A big reason for the show’s success? Damson’s acting!

Everyone talked about how good he was at playing Franklin, and how he could make you care about a character who could seem like a bad guy. This role not only made Damson a rising star, but it also opened doors for him to do other cool projects.

In 2021, Damson Idris even acted alongside Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander in a sci-fi movie called “Raiden.” This showed everyone that Damson could play all sorts of characters, not just serious guys in dramas. With even more projects coming up, Damson’s future in Hollywood is super bright!

Fun fact! 

Did you know Damson Idris loves sneakers? People have seen him wearing some really awesome shoes on red carpets and in interviews. It’s a cool reminder that even though he’s a big star now, Damson stays true to himself and the things he loves.

Bonus Fun Facts!

  • Did you know Damson is the youngest of six siblings? He has three brothers and two sisters, and some of them have even gone on to have successful careers in law, business, and IT consulting!
  • While acting is his main passion now, Damson used to be super into sports, especially football (soccer)! He even dreamed of being the next Cristiano Ronaldo!
  • And speaking of dreams, Damson isn’t afraid to set big goals for himself. He’s mentioned in interviews that he’d love to work with directors like Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve someday!

Damson Idris Is More Than Just an Actor

But Damson Idris is more than just a great actor. He’s an inspiration for anyone who wants to be an actor, especially those who don’t come from a famous family or haven’t lived in fancy places. In a world where Hollywood can seem like a closed club, Damson’s success proves that if you’re talented and work hard, you can make it, no matter where you’re from.

Damson Idris’s story is one of never giving up, facing challenges head-on, and believing in himself. As he keeps on amazing audiences with his acting, one thing’s for sure: the best is yet to come for Damson Idris. This is just the beginning of his incredible journey!


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