$5.25 Million For Chicago’s Famed “Home Alone” House

Home Alone

Written by Azura Everhart | June 4, 2024

A treasured piece of movie history has hit the Chicagoland real estate market. It’s the astoundingly large house featured in exterior (and a few interior) shots of the McAllister home in the iconic film “Home Alone.”

Located in Winnetka, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, this historic property has recently been put up for sale with an asking price of $5.25 million. That’s almost $4 million more than the $1.6 million Tim and Trisha Johnson, the property’s current owners, paid for it back in 2012.

Hollywood Pedigree and Tourist Attraction

The house’s Hollywood pedigree still attracts plenty of tourists and fans. Visitors sometimes reenact the famous “Kevin scream” from the movie, adding to the fun. The Johnsons oversaw big renovations during their residence. But, it’s still the house from “Home Alone,” which probably deters burglars.

Features and History

  • Size: Approximately 5,700 square feet with five bedrooms.
  • Private Theater: The home has a private theater. It has its own “Home Alone” themed decorations. These include a giant LEGO minifig of Kevin (Macaulay Culkin’s character) from the movie.
  • Outdoor Sports Court: Another addition by the Johnsons, the house includes an outdoor sports court.
  • Film Connection: Most of the film was shot on a soundstage. But, the movie used some of the home’s interiors, including its living room and staircase (with an added ramp for the movie’s sledding gag).

Owning this property means possessing one of the world’s largest pieces of movie memorabilia. So, if you’re a fan of “Home Alone,” this house could be your dream home!

The McAllister house has a charming red brick facade and iconic green shutters. It has become a symbol of holiday nostalgia for millions of viewers. Let’s delve deeper into the fascinating history of this remarkable property.

Architectural Details

The McAllister house exudes classic American charm. Its timeless design features:

  • The house is in the Colonial Revival style. It was built in the early 1920s. The symmetrical facade, gabled roof, and elegant brickwork evoke a sense of tradition and warmth.
  • Spacious Interiors: Beyond its famous exterior, the house offers spacious interiors. The living room, adorned with a grand fireplace, served as the backdrop for several scenes in “Home Alone.” The elegant staircase, where Kevin famously sleds down, remains a highlight.

  • Five Bedrooms: With five bedrooms, there’s ample space for a large family or guests. Imagine waking up in the same rooms where Kevin plotted his ingenious traps!

Movie Magic

Most of “Home Alone” was filmed on a soundstage. But, the McAllister house was crucial. It helped to set the film’s cozy, suburban setting. Here are some memorable moments associated with the house:

  • The Booby-Trapped Basement: Kevin’s epic battle with the Wet Bandits (Harry and Marv) takes place in the McAllister basement. From tarantulas to hot doorknobs, this space witnessed it all.
  • The Iconic Facade: The house’s exterior became synonymous with the McAllister family’s home. The scene’s picturesque quality, especially in snowy Christmas seasons, leaves a lasting impression.

Modern Amenities

The Johnsons’ renovations added modern amenities while preserving the house’s character:

  • Private Theater: The custom-built private theater allows you to watch “Home Alone” in style. Imagine reliving Kevin’s adventures right where they happened!
  • The outdoor sports court is perfect for basketball, tennis, and other fun activities. It adds fun to the property.

Home Alone – A Piece of Film History

Owning the McAllister house isn’t just about square footage; it’s about owning a slice of film history. Whether you’re a cinephile, a nostalgic fan, or simply seeking a unique home, this iconic property awaits its next chapter.

The McAllister house isn’t just a house; it’s a cultural touchstone where movie magic and real estate intersect. If you’re ready to step into Kevin’s shoes (minus the booby traps), consider making this legendary house your own!


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