Hstikkytokky – British Fitness Influencer’s Net Worth

Hstikkytokky Net Worth

Written by Admin | June 14, 2024

Hstikkytokky, born Harrison Sullivan on October 6, 2001, has become a prominent figure in the fitness community. His journey from a regular teenager to a fitness influencer has captivated audiences across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Let’s take a closer look at his life and accomplishments.

The Rise of Hstikkytokky

Hstikkytokky’s fitness journey began at the age of 16 when he decided to transform his physique. His dedication to health and wellness led him to create content that resonated with thousands of followers. Today, he stands as an inspiration for those seeking to improve their fitness levels.

Key Facts:

  • Age: Harrison was born on October 6, 2001, which makes him 20 years old as of now.
  • Nationality: He is British.
  • TikTok Followers: He boasts 369,700 followers on TikTok.
  • Instagram Followers: His Instagram account has 103,000 followers.
  • YouTube Subscribers: On YouTube, he has 19,300 subscribers.
  • Net Worth: While his exact net worth remains unknown, he charges £19.99 for his fitness plans and likely earns from influencer partnerships with brands

Interesting Tidbits:

  • Close with Grandparents: Harrison shares photos with his grandparents on Instagram, and they’ve visited him in both Marbella and Dubai. He’s even posted TikTok videos with his mom.
  • Fitness Journey: He began developing his muscles at the age of 16 and has undergone a remarkable transformation. His fitness journey led to the creation of paid fitness plans on HBD Fitness.
  • University Student: In June 2021, he mentioned moving back to university after six months in lockdown. Although we don’t know his field of study, he attends a university in Birmingham

Social Media Following


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  • TikTok: With 369,700 followers, Hstikkytokky shares bite-sized workout routines, nutritional tips, and motivational content.
  • Instagram: His Instagram account boasts 103,000 followers, where he showcases his own fitness progress, lifestyle, and glimpses of his luxurious Dubai apartment.
  • YouTube: On YouTube, he has 19,300 subscribers who eagerly await his longer-form videos on fitness, nutrition, and personal growth.

Net Worth and Income Streams

While the exact figures remain undisclosed, we can estimate Hstikkytokky’s net worth based on his revenue streams:

  1. HBD Fitness: His online fitness platform offers personalized workout plans for subscribers. Priced at £19.99, these plans contribute to his income.
  2. Influencer Collaborations: As a fitness influencer, he likely collaborates with brands and receives compensation for promoting their products.
  3. Social Media Monetization: Ad revenue from YouTube and sponsored content on TikTok and Instagram adds to his earnings.

Lifestyle and Personal Touches

  • Dubai Residence: Hstikkytokky currently resides in a luxurious ocean-view apartment in Dubai. His lifestyle reflects his success as an influencer.
  • Family Bonds: Despite his busy schedule, he maintains a close relationship with his grandparents, often sharing heartwarming moments with them on social media.
  • University Life: In June 2021, he mentioned returning to university after a six-month lockdown hiatus. His field of study remains a mystery, adding an intriguing layer to his persona.

What are some of his popular workout routines?


Hstikkytokky’s net worth may remain a secret, but his impact on the fitness community is undeniable. As he continues to inspire others to prioritize health and wellness, we eagerly await more updates from this rising star. Whether he’s sharing workout tips or glimpses of his personal life, Hstikkytokky keeps us engaged and motivated.


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