Knicks – Back in the Big Apple Game!


Written by Erica Smith | June 6, 2024

The New York Knicks! Just saying their name makes you think of loud crowds at Madison Square Garden, everyone wearing orange and blue, and a feeling you only get in New York City. This year, the Knicks were exciting to watch again after a long time of not doing so good. They fought hard and got back into the playoffs!

Knicks (Stats Edition)!

The New York Knicks! They brought the heat back to Madison Square Garden this season, rocking their signature orange and blue with a record of 113 points per game (PPG), ranking them 16th in the NBA. Julius Randle continued to be a scoring beast, averaging a whopping 28.7 points a night!

Here’s a quick stat snapshot of the Knicks’ successful season:

  • Record: Strong finish, securing 2nd place in the Atlantic Division.
  • Scoring: Above average, averaging 113 PPG.a
  • Rebounding: Clawing their way to 5th in the NBA with 45.2 rebounds per game (RPG).
  • Shooting: Finding the net at a 46.5% field goal percentage (FG%), ranking 19th in the league.
  • Defense: Shutting down opponents, allowing only 108.2 points per game (OPPG), second-best in the NBA!

A Season of Wins and Losses

The Knicks didn’t win every game this year. Sometimes they won, sometimes they lost. But no matter what, they never gave up. Julius Randle was a scoring machine, RJ Barrett got even better, and Evan Fournier helped them put up even more points. A really cool thing that happened was Immanuel Quickley became a star. This young player brought a lot of energy to the team and made awesome plays for himself and his teammates.

Going for the Championship!


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As the season went on, the Knicks kept winning and got really close to making it to the championship finals! The fans at MSG were super loud, cheering for every basket and every stop the Knicks made. They finished really high in their division, which showed how hard they worked. The playoffs against the Indiana Pacers were super close! The Knicks won the first game, but the Pacers won the next two. The Knicks fought back and won another game, but in the end, they lost the very last game. The Knicks didn’t just win games; they made a serious playoff push! They battled through a tough Eastern Conference, ultimately facing the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals. While they fell short in a thrilling Game 7, the Knicks proved they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Scoring Machine

Julius Randle: The Knicks’ offense ran through Julius Randle, who averaged an impressive 28.7 points per game (PPG). This scoring prowess placed him among the league’s elite. Balanced Attack: While Randle led the charge, RJ Barrett’s improvement and Evan Fournier’s scoring boost created a more balanced attack. This kept opponents guessing and made the Knicks a tougher matchup.

Defense Wins Championships (Almost)

The Knicks weren’t just about scoring; they were a defensive force! They held opponents to a league-second best 108.2 points per game (OPPG). This stifling defense frustrated opposing teams and created scoring opportunities for the Knicks in transition.


While not the league leaders, the Knicks shot a respectable 46.5% field goal percentage (FG%), ranking them 19th in the NBA. This efficiency, combined with their rebounding prowess, ensured they maximized their scoring opportunities.

What’s Next?

Even though they didn’t win the championship, the Knicks did really well this year. Their young players are awesome and will get even better. Learning from the playoffs will help them a lot next season. This summer, the Knicks will be busy making decisions about their players and who to pick in the draft. If they make the right choices, they can do even better next year and get even closer to winning the championship.

The Best Fans Ever!

The Knicks wouldn’t be the same without their amazing fans. They love the Knicks more than anything and wear orange and blue all the time. Their cheers help the players play their best. This year, the fans were loud and excited at every game. They may not have won the championship, but they definitely won back the love of their fans.

The Future is Orange and Blue!

Things are looking good for the Knicks! They have talented young players, the best fans ever, and a whole city that wants them to win. With some good decisions and maybe a new player or two, they can be a top team in the East for a long time. One thing’s for sure: Knicks fans won’t wait long to see what happens next. The summer is here, and everyone is excited! The Knicks are back, and New York City is ready to cheer them on!


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