UK Restaurant’s Savage Response to Influencer Demanding Free Meals for Promotion

Lucky Ramen
Image Credits – Edinburgh Live

Written by Azura Everhart | May 13, 2024

In the age of social media influencers, collaborations between restaurants and online personalities have become commonplace. However, not all interactions end on a positive note. Armed with blue ticks and thousands of followers, they wield their influence to promote products, services, and yes, even restaurants. But what happens when an influencer’s demands cross the line? Enter Lucky Ramen, a pan-Asian brunch spot in Manchester, UK. A recent incident involving a UK restaurant and a self-proclaimed “blue tick” influencer highlights the clash between expectations and reality.

The Bold Request From An “Blue Tick” Influencer to Lucky Ramen 

One day, Lucky Ramen received a message from a ‘blue tick’ influencer. She wanted a free meal in exchange for a promotional post on her story and page. Her reasoning? Her celebrity status would surely attract customers. But Lucky Ramen had other ideas.

The Background

The restaurant in question is Lucky Ramen, touted as the only pan-Asian brunch spot in Manchester. The influencer, seeking a free meal, messaged the eatery with an offer: “Hey, sorry I know it’s short notice, but I’m in Manchester tomorrow and looking for somewhere for brunch with my partner. Would you be open for a collab with me for a post on my story and page?” The influencer believed that their celebrity status would benefit the restaurant.

The Verbal Smackdown

Lucky Ramen
Image credits: lucky_ramenandsushi

Lucky Ramen’s response was swift and unapologetic. They rejected the influencer’s proposal, emphasizing that they appreciate paying customers even more.

They appreciated paying customers even more than exposure. Instead of granting the influencer’s request, they suggested she pay for her meal like everyone else. The influencer was taken aback. How dare they refuse her offer?

The restaurant uploaded the text messages to their social media handle, exposing the influencer’s baseless market proposition. The influencer fired back, claiming that they deserved a free meal in exchange for their time, labor, effort, and positive energy.

The Fallout   

Lucky Ramen
Image credits: lucky_ramenandsushi

The spat escalated, with the influencer expressing outrage at being “exposed.” Lucky Ramen stood their ground, asserting that they didn’t need exposure to pay their bills. In a final rebuttal, the restaurant invited the influencer to pay for their meal if they ever visited again. For now, Lucky Ramen won’t treat influencers for free.

Lessons Learned

In the battle of influencer vs. reality, Lucky Ramen emerged victorious. Their message was clear: fame doesn’t pay the bills. In a world where exposure is currency, they chose authenticity over empty promises. And perhaps, just perhaps, other businesses will follow suit.

This incident serves as a cautionary tale for both influencers and businesses. While collaborations can be beneficial, they should be based on mutual respect and fair exchange. Influencers must recognize that their fame doesn’t entitle them to freebies, and restaurants should value paying customers above all.

In the end, Lucky Ramen’s savage response reminds us that authenticity and integrity matter more than fleeting social media fame. Businesses should prioritize genuine connections with their customers, regardless of their follower count.

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