The Pink Honey Affair – Inside the Controversial Influencer Trip

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Written by Azura Everhart | May 18, 2024

The beauty industry is always changing. Trends are as fleeting as the seasons. But, one thing stays constant: the importance of diversity and representation. Yet, despite recent strides towards inclusivity, there are still reminders of how much further the industry has to go. Pink Honey is a UK-based makeup brand. It is famous for its Instagram-worthy packaging and eyebrow products resembling honey. But, it recently became the center of controversy. The Pink Honey Influencer Trip has sparked significant controversy due to the lack of diversity among the invited influencers. The UK-based makeup brand organized a “Christmas Staycation” trip, which was heavily criticized because all the invited influencers were white. This led to widespread backlash on social media, with many calling out the brand for its exclusionary practices. The owner of Pink Honey issued a tearful apology on TikTok, explaining that the invited influencers were chosen based on their contributions to the brand, but this explanation did little to quell the criticism

The Backlash – Pink Honey Influencer Trip

The controversy around Pink Honey started at a joyous event. It was a “Christmas Staycation” to celebrate the brand’s success with key influencers. But, as content from the Pink Honey influencer trip spread online, it became clear that all 17 attendees were white women. Critics noted the lack of diversity among the influencers invited on the Pink Honey influencer trip. This sparked a backlash on social media, especially TikTok. Pink Honey has a large following there.

The Pink Honey influencer trip was meant to promote the brand. But, it instead showed big gaps in representation. The Pink Honey influencer trip controversy shows the ongoing challenges in the beauty industry. They struggle to truly include diverse audiences.

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Critics quickly pointed out a big gap. It was between the influencer group and the UK’s diverse demographics. It was also a gap with Pink Honey’s customers. Makeup artist May Tahmina’s impassioned video called out the lack of representation. It struck a chord with audiences. It made the conversation about diversity in beauty important.

Pink Honey’s Response

In the face of mounting criticism, Pink Honey issued a response in the form of an apology video. However, they did not address the core issue of inclusivity. The brand’s founder, Olivia Taylor, defended the influencer selection. She said they were chosen for their contribution to Pink Honey’s growth. Taylor’s intentions may have been good. But, she failed to acknowledge the importance of diversity in brand campaigns. This only made the situation worse.

The Importance of Diversity in Beauty

The Pink Honey influencer trip incident is a reminder. It shows the ongoing struggle for diversity in the beauty industry. Makeup is self-expression. It should be accessible to everyone. This is true regardless of skin tone, ethnicity, or background. Yet, this happens too often. Brands sideline influencers of color in favor of their white counterparts. This happens despite the influencers of color having dedicated followings and unparalleled expertise.

Brands fail to embrace diversity in their marketing and influencer partnerships. This risks alienating large parts of their customer base. The world is more interconnected now. Authenticity is key. Consumers quickly hold brands accountable for their actions. This includes when they fail to be inclusive.

Pink Honey’s Tearful Apology

Olivia Taylor gave a heartfelt apology on TikTok. She addressed the criticism about the guest list of the “Christmas Staycation” trip. She had tears in her eyes. She said that attendees were chosen based on their contributions to Pink Honey’s growth. She denied any intention of excluding based on gender or skin color. Despite Taylor’s sincere damage control, questions lingered. They were about the brand’s commitment to inclusivity.

Moving Towards Inclusivity


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The Pink Honey influencer trip debacle is not an isolated incident in the beauty industry. Earlier this year, Tarte faced similar backlash for its “Tarte Island” influencer trip. These incidents show the urgent need for brands to prioritize diversity and inclusivity. They must do so in every part of their operations, from marketing to product development.

Consumers demand authentic representation. Brands must take real steps to diversify. They must also amplify marginalized voices in beauty. By doing so, they build a more inclusive community. They also set a precedent for future generations of beauty fans and creators.

In Conclusion

Pink Honey’s Christmas Staycation is a reminder. It shows the importance of diversity, representation, and truth in beauty. Brands can only forge real connections with their diverse audience by embracing inclusivity. This will pave the way for a fairer future of beauty.


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