More Than Mrs. James – Savannah James on Design, Family, and Giving Back

Savannah James

Written by Eliana Ball | June 3, 2024

Savannah James. Right. Whenever you come across this name, you can imagine crowds and fancy cars. But Savannah James is much more than just a basketball wife. She is a passionate woman.

Let’s dive into the life of this inspiring woman and see how she handles sports life and family life together.

Early Life – Akron Beginnings

Savannah Brinson (maiden name) was born in 1986 in Akron, Ohio. She was not born with a golden spoon, but with a silver spoon. Unlike the luxurious life associated with celebrity wives, Savannah’s childhood was grounded.

J.K. Brinson, her father, was a government employee. Jennifer Brinson, her mother, raised five children while staying at home. Savannah, the youngest, grew up in this warm and supportive environment.

Sports and Spice

For Savannah, learning was about more than just textbooks. She had endless energy and was a born athlete, supporting her school team. She also loved to play softball. This allowed her to show off her love of cooperation and competitiveness.

Savannah showed early signs of a well-rounded personality: she was both creative and athletic.

Savannah James – Love Story and Family

Savannah Brinson and LeBron James attended St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in the center of Akron, Ohio, where the story begins. They found common ground in basketball. Their friendship was built on mutual respect and genuine care.


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Even though LeBron was selected by the NBA right out of high school, Savannah continued in her studies. Their ten-year long distance relationship demonstrated their commitment to one another.

2013 marked LeBron and Savannah’s official wedding year. Their lavish wedding was attended by many of their loved ones. Their high school romance finally turned into a lifelong partnership. She also shares her anniversary pictures on her Instagram.

Let’s meet the amazing kids Savannah and LeBron James are raising: Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri James.

  • Bronny James, the oldest, born in 2004, is already a rising star in the world of basketball. He inherited the athletic prowess and love of the game from his father.
  • The middle child, born in 2007, Bryce James, is pursuing his brother’s career on the basketball court. Compared to Bryce, he is a few years younger. However, he demonstrates his own extraordinary talent and dedication to the game.
  • The youngest, Zhuri James, was born in 2014 and offers a distinct kind of star power to the family. She has an excellent sense of style and is a rising fashionista.


She earned an interior design degree from college. But Savannah James was not satisfied with just decorating her own house. She yearned for a platform to display her design skills and a creative outlet. Her intense desire to pursue her passion as a career drove her to explore a number of options.

The Juice Stop: From Student to Entrepreneur

Savannah saw an opportunity, while LeBron’s career took them to Miami, Florida. She made the decision to start her own company, “The Juice Stop,” a juice bar. Her interest in health and wellness was piqued, and she was able to use her design skills to create a stylish and inviting space. The Juice Shop, which provides Miami residents with healthy and refreshing options, quickly became a local favorite.

Home Court: An Elegant Collaboration

Savannah’s skill in design extended beyond juice mixes. Together, they started a furniture line with American Signature. It was called “Home Court by LeBron James.” This project gave Savannah the chance to share her design vision with a large audience. It was not just about basketball. The furniture collection had a sleek, cozy aesthetic that was ideal for homes in the modern era.

Beyond Basketball: An Independent Businesswoman

“Home Court” was not a one time project. It confirmed Savannah’s status as an independent businesswoman. She demonstrated her ability to successfully collaborate and use her design skills to create a brand that connected with customers.

Everybody’s Crazy Podcast

Savannah is not afraid to express her fun side. She and her friend April McDaniel co-host the podcast “Everybody’s Crazy.” They discuss everything from motherhood issues to hilarious personal stories on the podcast. It’s a refreshing glimpse into Savannah’s personality. It reveals that she is a normal person who enjoys laughing.

So, how much money does Savannah James earn? 


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Roughly $100 million is her estimated net worth. Impressive, indeed! But her real value comes from her devotion to her family. She also has a desire to help others and a determination to succeed on her own terms. Savannah James serves as an inspiration. She is a queen bee who built her own hive and is a successful woman with a caring heart. You might be excited to see what amazing things she does next!f

Final Words: The Queen Bee

Savannah James is more than just LeBron’s wife. She’s a queen bee in her own right. She is a businesswoman, a loving mother, a fun-loving friend, a philanthropist, and a supportive partner. She inspires us all by demonstrating that you can have a happy family life, a rewarding career, and a sincere desire to give back to the community.


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