Influencer Tammy Hembrow’s Leaked Wedding Invitation Sparks Controversy

Wedding Invitation Leaked

Written by Azura Everhart | June 13, 2024

The internet went crazy with comments after Tammy Hembrow, a well-known influencer in Australia, revealed her wedding invites. Weddings are difficult events that must balance honouring the couple with satisfying guest expectations and offering comfort. Hembrow’s forthcoming wedding to Love Island Australia’s Matt Zukowski is scheduled for November in Byron Bay and will follow its own set of rules.

The Leaked Wedding Invitation

  • No Children Allowed: The stipulation that no children are allowed at the ceremony surprised many, especially considering Hembrow’s own three kids. The invitation did mention that babysitting could be arranged upon request, and children were welcome at the recovery party on Sunday.
  • Gift Preference: The couple emphasized that the guests’ presence was the greatest gift. However, they provided a wishing well for contributions and well wishes.

This child-free wedding rule mirrors a similar debate from last year when a bride opted for an adult atmosphere with alcohol, requiring all guests to be over 21. Balancing personal preferences and guest management remains a challenge in modern weddings. What do you think about these strict wedding rules? Let us know in the comments!

In addition to the child-free policy, the invitation also specified a black-tie dress code and a “recovery party” the following day. However, the most surprising element was the inclusion of a “wishing well” despite Hembrow’s reported eight-figure net worth. Traditionally, a wishing well allows newlyweds to collect cards or monetary donations toward a specific goal, such as their honeymoon, travel, a down payment on a home, or fundraising for charity. While some couples opt for monetary gifts instead of a formal registry, Hembrow’s request raised eyebrows given her substantial wealth.

The child-free restriction may have also caught some followers off guard, given the 30-year-old influencer has three children: nine-year-old Wolf, seven-year-old Saskia, and one-year-old Posey. The invitation stated that, while the wedding ceremony and reception would be child-free, “bubs are more than welcome to join us at the recovery party on Sunday.” The decision caused significant discussion, with some difficult Hembrow’s exclusion of his children from the main event.

As the Tammy Hembrow leaked wedding invitation continues to spread, opinions are mixed. Some people enjoy Hembrow’s clear approach, while others find the rules inflexible. Finally, weddings are very personal, and each couple has the freedom to set up their own rules. Whether you’re a fan of influencer weddings or not, Tammy Hembrow’s marriage caused discussion and highlighted the challenges of making a high-profile event.

Tammy Hembrow and Matt Zukowski Love Story

Tammy Hembrow, the popular Instagram influencer and mom of three, found love with Matt Zukowski, a former Love Island star. Their whirlwind romance has been nothing short of captivating. Here’s a glimpse into their relationship timeline:

September 2023: Relationship Starting

 But it was in September 2023 that she made her relationship debut with Love Island star Matt Zukowski. Let’s dive into their love story.

The Beginning

Tammy and Matt’s romance began at the premiere of CAUGHT. It was a mere five months after Matt’s split from his on-again-off-again ex-partner Genevive, and nine months after Tammy ended her engagement with Ironman champion Matt Poole. Their debut was low-key, but little did they know that their relationship would soon take centre stage.

Instagram Official

In October, Tammy and Matt decided to go Instagram official. Fans noticed a new tattoo on Tammy’s hip that read Matt, followed by a heart. It was a subtle yet significant declaration of their love. The couple’s social media posts hinted at their growing bond, and fans eagerly followed their journey.

The Proposal

Fast forward to December 2023. Tammy and Matt were on holiday in the Maldives when Matt got down on one knee to propose. Tammy captured the moment on the camera and shared it on Instagram. She shared her emotions, stating, “Never in my life have I felt so safe, loved, understood, and cared for.” What a plot twist you were. Fans already noticed an engagement ring in Tammy’s previous holiday photos, so the engagement was not unexpected.

Tammy Hembrow Social Media Account


Tammy Hembrow has 17.4 million Instagram followers. Her profile (@tammyhembrow) is a mixture of fitness inspiration, lifestyle information, and personal information. From fitness routines to fashion looks, she keeps people engaged.


Tammy’s YouTube account provides fitness tips, vlogs, and other content. Her channel (@TammyHembrowofficial) has an audience of 1.29 million subscribers. You’ll get exercise videos, behind-the-scenes pictures, and Q&A sessions.


Tammy Hembrow’s wedding invitation leaked, sparking a flurry of internet reactions and spotlighting the challenges and expectations that come with significant weddings. Hembrow’s marriage with Love Island Australian’s Matt Zukowski, scheduled for November in Byron Bay, has already caused debate because of its unique needs including a no-children ban and a black-tie dress rule. These rules, combined with a wishing well for monetary contributions despite Hembrow’s great fortune, created the Internet


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