Where Is Beyond Paradise Filmed?

Where Is Beyond Paradise Filmed

Written by Erica Smith | June 12, 2024

Beyond Paradise, a BBC drama, is set in the fictional town of Shipton Abbott in Devon, a very real county in southwest England. While the show’s predecessor, Death in Paradise, was filmed in the Caribbean (specifically Guadeloupe), Beyond Paradise shifted its location to the UK. Let’s dive into the details:

Filming Locations

The captivating scenery of Beyond Paradise was captured in both Devon and Cornwall, which are often hailed as the most beautiful parts of England. Here are some key locations:

1. Looe, Cornwall

Looe, a charming coastal town, served as one of the primary filming locations. Its picturesque harbor, narrow streets, and stunning coastline provided an ideal backdrop for the series.

2. Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley, known for its lush greenery and river views, also featured prominently in the show. Bere Ferrers and Weir Quay, both located in this area, contributed to the captivating visuals.

3. Port Eliot House and Gardens

This historic estate, situated in the parish of St Germans, Cornwall, played a crucial role in Beyond Paradise. Its grandeur and natural beauty added depth to the series.

4. Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Although not explicitly mentioned in the show, Kynance Cove in Cornwall holds a special place in the heart of actor Kris Marshall (who portrays Humphrey Goodman). With its white sands and crystal-clear blue sea, it evokes a sense of paradise, even if the temperature isn’t quite Caribbean-like

5. Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor, an ancient and mystical landscape in Devon, provided a rugged and atmospheric setting for some of the show’s most intense scenes. Its granite tors, rolling hills, and vast moorlands added an eerie yet enchanting quality to the series.

6. Salcombe, Devon

Salcombe, a charming coastal town, graced the screen with its golden beaches, turquoise waters, and quaint harbor. The juxtaposition of natural beauty and intriguing mysteries made it a perfect fit for Beyond Paradise.

7. Clovelly, Devon

Clovelly, a unique village built into a steep hillside, transported viewers to another time. Its cobbled streets, whitewashed cottages, and stunning sea views lent an authentic and timeless feel to the show.

8. St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

This iconic tidal island, crowned by a medieval castle, made a cameo appearance in Beyond Paradise. Located near Marazion in Cornwall, it epitomizes the magic and history of the region.

The cast of Beyond Paradise

Memorable Moments From Beyond Paradise

The Beauty of Devon and Cornwall

The cast and crew unanimously praised the region. Marshall, who hails from Somerset (just above Devon), described it as having everything: cider, cheese, countryside, and an amazing coastline. So, while the Caribbean may be a tough act to follow, the UK’s southwestern shores certainly hold their own allure


In summary, Beyond Paradise masterfully weaves its narrative against the backdrop of Devon and Cornwall’s natural wonders. From windswept moors to picturesque harbors, these locations breathe life into the characters and their stories.


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